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Tycker ni att texten är bra formulerad? Språksmässigt alltså? Har ni förslag på hur man kan omformulera den, så skriv gärna det och varför min inte passar.[smile]

The British men

The British men colonized India thousands of years ago because of its wealth. India had one of the world’s best diamonds, spices, gold and silver, which tempted the British men to settle in India.

When the British men saw that the Indian people were fighting with each other, they took advantage of the situation and controlled India.

The Indian people realized very soon that the British men came to India to take control of the country, and not to help them. The Indians fought for their country, even though the British men won the battle.

Inspiring people like Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh and many more emphasised the importance of being strong and to not give up. Those people gave the Indian people hope that one day they will win the battle, and they will also het independent.

The British men had controlled the country for almost two hundreds of years. It seems that hard work always pays off, because after two hundreds of years struggling for the country; India became independent on the 15th august 1947.

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