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Sällsynta och intressanta sjukdommar

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Lion Face-Like Syndrome

A man called Yang Hui Ming, suffered from this strange disease since he was four years old. At this young age, a lump as big as a mung bean grew on his left eyelid. Later this lump became bigger and bigger as time passed. When his age reached eight, this lump had already reached a diameter of 3 centimeters. Not long after that, his left forehead protruded to form a knot making his appearance resemble a lion.

Elephant Arm Syndrome

This syndrome originates with a large black hair mole, which is generally not noticed in its early stages. During this 4-year-old boy early physical developmental stage the black hair mole began growing extensively on his left arm. The normal growth of skin and muscle has been affected.

Premature Senility

At first glance these children seem to be elderly people, perhaps in their 90s. Scientist believes that the occurrence of this disease is due to a minor error in the human genetic code. Most of the children born with these scary diseases only live up to 13 years of age. The premature death is due to the rapidly aging physical process taking place in their bodies. Forty-eight cases of this rare disease have been reported around the world.

Severe Skin Peeling Syndrome

A 13-year-old Vietnamese boy, Nguyen, has suffered from this strange disease over the years. His skin is always in a state of cramping just like he is wearing a tight cloth. Each time when winter time arrives, his skin will peel off massively and thus causing bleeding. Because his facial skin is always experiencing intense tension and tightness, he cannot even close his eyes while sleeping.

Penis Grows on Stomach

A substance resembling a penis grows on top of his stomach creating difficulty in movement. This condition causes much frustration for the patient. This strange disease has made him going crazy for life.

Human Hippo syndrome

A 14-year-old Haitian girl has her face growth with a rare huge tumor weighing 7.7kg, resulting in a severe swelling deformed appearance. The timorous growth caused this child to resemble a hippo.

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