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Saga Of BloodLord Eliphas

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Saga Of Blood Lord Eliphas

The begining

For many thousends of years ago in a once long forgoten kingdom were qurent Bretonia lies existet a smal villige named Bronzevale, there it lived a family by the name of crowley. It was a normal family by two parents and two children. The parents name was Druss and Krylla.

Druss the father had for many years been a warrior in the "kings" army serving as an axemaster, but he was taken out of duty after a mere insident ville he was guarding a caravan and that it was ambusshet by deserters. Krylla the mother on other hand was a wery lovely both as a mother and as a women. They had both met after that Druss had lost his work and was wandering around in one of the trading citys who lies close to the sea. Krylla was by that time working as a barmaid in one of the many taverns who existed in the city. She had seen him sitting at one of the few tables who was placed next to a window, she had seen him come to the tavern many times before and he always orderd the same thing "suprise me" he says. Krylla had noticst that the man (Druss) often wean she dident see he kept loking at her from behind. At first she thougt he was just an other thilty army man because of the old uniform he was wearing but she started to talk to him and nothis soon that he was a very nice man both manly and charming.

By the weeks going they became friends and a few years later they even became lovers, and later they had a child witch they called Aliester. After the child was born they desided to get married and so they did.

Aliester grew qickly and learnd many things about fighting from his father and some thing about way you shouldent fight from his mother. But wean Aliester was six years old his mother gave birth to a child once more, this time it was a girl witch they named Theresa.

After that Theresa was born Aliester became very protective towards her, he was affraid that something would happend to her, sometimes Theresa forgot herself and misstakely called him dad or father, this misstakes luckely dissapeard later on.

For many years the entire family lived a good life in the vilige, thay saw how the people and the vilige itself grow by the years. But one day wean Aliester was seventeen years old the vilige was attackt by a lage band of desserters from the neighbour kingdom (today´s Empire) Not a single life was spared. Men, woman and children thay were all killed. Aliester and his father hade been out in the forest and choping wood for the winter wean they soon realised that something was wrong in the vilige, they ran as fast as they could only to realise that it was nothing they could do to save the vilige. But they dident just stod there and watcht cuz Druss soon nothiced that the bandits had killed Krylla and then he grabed his axe and ran in a fierced battle cry stright in the enemy, Aliester wasent far behind him. But Druss dident manage to long, he did manage to kill attleast nineteen bandits before he fell to the ground.

But now Aliester stod all by himmself and there was bandits everywear, he new he could not win this battle so he tried to run, but he was to exousted to run away from them and soon he aswell fell to the ground and he could hear the bandits coming closer so he started pray to the only once who could save him now, the gods. But Aliester dident now which god he should pray to so he simply prayd to enyone who could help him defete these bandits and save the rest of the vilige and the once they have taken in prision. But unforthnetly the god who manage to answer him first was the BloodGod Khorne himmself. He offerd Aliester a deal that Khorne would help him if he would grant him his soul for three missions. Aliester who dident had time to think, he dident even had a clue of what kind of god he was talking to so he direcly acceptet.

The birth of Eliphas

Aliester felt innstantly that his body became bigger with muscels and wean the bandits came fourth to him they dident longer see the young boy they just had been chasing, they now only saw an over two meter tal man with a body all coverd in muscels. Wean Aliester saw them he did just like his father did just a few minutes ago and charged them in a fierced battle cry, the bantits were all dead within a few seconds.

Wean Aliester returned to the remains of the vilige he tried to find any survivors but all he could find was dead family members and friends, but no matter how mutch he search he couldent find Theresa, he hopped that the remaining bandits had taken her prison to sell her as a slave to a rich merchent who would pay anything for a little girl who would in a few years become his or perhaps hers peronal slavegirl.

Aliester walked into his old home teard upp the floor and reveald a hiden chest. His father had told him about it for some time ago that he had taken all his old ecuitment and plased it this chest for safe keeping, now it was time they became of good use once again. It was an old fullbody lether armor with an metal harnesk the old helmet his father had used in the war had broken before he could store it, but he did find his fathers old axe, a beutifull wepone indeed. His father had cleand it and resharpend it before storing it.

Aliester put on all of the armour and grabed the axe and hedded out but wean he came out he just remembed that all of the vilige members have to burrid, he could see that his father had with his last strength taken the mothers hand before he died. Aliester thoght silently and he soon understood that he dident had time to burry them, so he looked up one of the few living horses and started to followe the tracks the folish bandits had left in the ground.

Aliester soon notict that someone was talking to him, he stopt the horse and looked around but couldent see anyone then he heard it again, but now he heard that the voice came from his head and not from the forest. He silently asked who it was and the demonic voice answerd him by telling him to turn around and head for the coust. Aliester shoutet no with anger in his voice but the demonic voice only laght at him and said that Aliester had just a few minutes ago sworn to give his soul to him, then Aliester rememberd but he still said no and just wean he had finisht his word he felt an explosion of indescribeble pain, he coulden move all he could do was to smile, and then it sudenly dissepeard and he heard the voice agein, it said if Aliester even tried to resist he would punnish him in a way that no mortal can think of. Aliester finaly did as the voice told him and turnd around.

Wean Aliester came to the coust about three houers later the voice told him to take a ship to norsca, so Aliester looked for a ship that could do so and he found one ship who would take him there, there was just one smal problem, the ship was a ship for only wemon and Aliester wear anything but a women. So he had to do something to make the captain (also a woman) belive that he would be usefull for the ship and its crew. What Aliester actully did on the ship is a mystery even today, some say that he killed the captain and took her place, some say that he became the one who cleand and reparid the ship wean it was on the sea and some other say that he became somthing like a "crew entertament tool" which one of these it was no one now, but what is nown is that the voice which was Khorne told Aliester that he had a new name for him and that name was "Eliphas" Aliester now that he couldent say anything to make Khorne change his mind he just had to accept it.

Mission #1

Wean the ship enterd a dock at Norsca, Eliphas (Aliester) heard Khorn speak once more, he told Eliphas about his first mission, it would be to get his hand on four relics. The first relic was a huge suit of "Chaos Armore" whitch was located on a huge mountein far to the north of Norca. The second relic was a mighty sword witch was located in a old monestary in an abandone city here in Norca. Relic number tree was an axe created by the "Chaos Dwars" in the mounten holds. And the fourth relic was an old talisman created by the evil sorcerers of chaos, it was told to hold the skills of a million of the best warriors the world hade haver seen.

After a few years Eliphas had getterd them all and he had by that time realised that he hadent aged a day sense he left his home, but he still wonderd wear Theresa was, he now that it was no idé to look for her now, she could be anywere in the world she could be anywere from Chaty to Albania, he just wished that he had been allowed to save her before he was sett out on thees quests.

Eliphase did now hold all of the relics he was told to gether and Khorne was pleast to see that. Eliphase was told to put it all on and so he did, and he directly fellt a million times stronger and faster, but he also starded to feel lust to kill, to see blood, to see tears.


Everything writen here is only mere legends and tales of Eliphas life. Some of the information has thougt been found deep in the old scholars arkive in Empire were most of the storys and information about Eliphas has been gatterd to be kept for safe keeping. You may find that a loot of storys and information dosent exist here that becose i am still serching the arkives and i still dont have permission to enter the oldest section of the libary there most of the heretical texts lies stockt.

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