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Saw VII (7)

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Skådespelaren Sean Patrick Flanery som spelar i filmen (Känd från bl.a Young Indiana Jones och The Boondock Saints) har följande att säga angående att filmen är i 3D:

"Three-dimensional blood and gore - yeah," says Flanery while laughing. "I'm excited to see that, I think it'll be neat. It's not shot in 3D so that you can, per se, see blood coming directly at you. It's in 3D for the texture and the depth, for the architecture, to get a sense that you're in the scene, but there's no 'we want to see blood coming at the lens' - it's nothing like that. But I think we made a good movie. I haven't seen the final product yet, but the script was really cool, it really is."


Vidare har vi fått reda på till exempel följande från manusförfattarna:

"Dunstan says that the inclusion of 3-D allows the movie to "put the audience in a trap," potentially the trap that the two writers have been trying to include since they started writing Saw movies with Saw IV.

There's a trap we've wanted to put in a Saw movie ever since we had the chance to work on this. And it's four years now! It's the most brutal thing. First time: "No, that's too violent!" Second year: "No, that's too disgusting!" Third year: "No, that's just wrong!" This year: "Ok, f**k it. Bring it." [Laughs] I was so proud to see it unleashed."