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When yuh gone weh mi miss yuh
Yuh role with di flame with di rizzla
When mi turn yuh and twist yuh
Mi get a different state a mind
Di law seh fi diss yuh
Policeman a search mi dem miss yuh
Betta dem carry mi go live inna jail
If lovin you is a crime

Mi love it when yuh role up
Yuh look good inna di rizzla when yuh fold up
Mi prefer yuh when yuh cure up
Cah when yuh fresh yuh burn mi chest
Now look how far we a come from
Like Metromedia like Stone Love
Di day when yuh see mi touch di white lady
A di day mi lay to rest

Have a listen...
Marie... me nah let har go
Dem haffi lock me up fi she
And throw weh di key
She a mi marijuana-na-na-na
Marie-e you a fi me-e
Me nuh care who disagree
Cah she a mi marijuana-na-na-na-na-na