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skrev en berättelse på engelska: "The Troubles of SpitFox 19"

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The Troubles of SpitFox 19

He promised to never leave her but once he did she turned towards the ceiling and yelled:

“Once we were lovers but now I will never go back and search for the lost time”.

Confused and bewildered she ran off into the night never looking back, never thinking about the wonders of love. “Tomorrow is the next day” she thought obviously. And somewhere along the road she collapsed. A pile of mud was what had become of her body. A rotting carcass, infested with the decay of human morals. “Nevermore.” the bird said as it sat perched on top of a glass roof. The bird who's panties were visible, under her skirt, for everyone looking up through the ceiling to see.

It was a night to remember.

fortsättning följer inte.

She traveled through time and space, frigging her genitalia as she witnessed the wonders of the sky. She spat on the hard prick that pricked her. She was not empty.

“Being nothing” she thought, “seems like a pleasant state of being. Becoming nothing. Simply being, immanent, transcendent. Forever grounded in self-preservation.”

As she lay down on the floor she dissolved into the void and rejoiced.
When considering the best liked cities on earth, Paris looms large among them. Paris is one of the world's greatest tourist attractions. And not without reason, for Paris has much to offer. Paris does not have a multiplicity of skyscrapers like New York, but it has much beauty and elegance. And Paris has an illustrious background of history.

In Paris there is a number of young men who are very beautiful, very charming, and very lovable. Paris is called "the city of lights". But these young men who are very beautiful, very charming, and very lovable, prefer the darkness for their social activities.

One of the most beautiful streets of Paris is called Les Champs-Elysées, which means the Elysian Fields. It is very broad, bordered with trees, and very pleasant to look at.

One of the most beautiful things of Paris is a lady. She is not too broad, bordered with smiles, and very, very, very pleasant to look at. When a gentleman contemplates a lady of Paris, the gentleman is apt to exclaim : "oo la la", for the ladies of Paris are very charming. And the ladies of Paris are dedicated to the classic declaration, expressed in the words : "L'amour, toujours l'amour !"

A Russian man once said that the eyes of a Paris lady are as intoxicating as good wine, and that her burning kisses are capable of melting the gold in a man's teeth.

In Germany, in Italy, in Congo, in China, and in the United states, there are men who say : "If you've never been kissed by a lady of Paris, you've never been kissed at all."