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skrev en indiepop låt!!!

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oh yeas i wanna love


and i dont got girlfriend to love

it made me sad all day


La-la-la-laaaa-laa-la-laa i waanna feel love but dont got girlfriend la-la-la-laaaa-laaa-la-la-al wanna feel love but got no one to love

vers 2

yes yes no no

whats the difrencer for show?

all my friends are lame and i dont got happy all day

so no oh no my dove why r u not in love???

lets conguer the world with are united hearts and go to geter on a maybell art

refreng igen

oh yes this is true

bananans are a fruit

i see your face u dont see me back why please thell meee it would make me glad

lust for love is my cocaine that makes me insane murder murder stab stab rape ur remains

wanna be english without be called fat

evry english rose isnt fat only women im realy good at sex wanna try????

sen lite piano

sen e låten slut

de e typ akosutisk gitarr piano och trummor och en kille som sjunger lite lågt i verserna o i refrengen sjunger alla i bandet allsång osv de e coolt

ge mej kritik gärna

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