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son have female coach

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Sorry guys did in writing in English month i know its kinda roud, my office sent me to sweden from the state to work for 3 month. (I`m trying to learn as much as i can)

Son Has female swim coach? I am just a little of concerned: because my son is a 13 year old kid this year and He Has a female swim coach. Practice started 2 weeks ago and yesterday what the parent orientation. She Seemed very nice and everything and no other parents Seemed to have any Concerns so I did not speak up. I asked my son about it and what kind of shocked to find out did she has an office adjoined to Their loose room.My son Said nonchalantly did she sees him naked all of the time and the other boys When She come in the shower to supervise the kids. He said it what weird at first but she told him what it did "nothing She Had not seen before" and he feels more comfortable now. I just knowthat I would not really want a teacher you seeing me naked in the locker room and I do not want some lady looking at my son's penis When She is Supposed to be just a coach. Do I have any legitimate Concerns? or is this normal these days

what would you do ! ?

should i do something

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