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När jag lyssnade på Spotify en dag så kopplade jag samtidigt in min iPod i datorn och då hände det grejer på Spotify. Det stod något som jag tolkade som att man kan kunde lägga över playlists till sin iPod. Men jag har inte riktigt lyckats göra det. Någon som vet hur man gör?

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"Playlists on the go

Here’s how: simply select your Spotify playlist and we’ll transfer the local files in that list directly to your iPod, iPhone or Android device. If your list contains songs you don’t have on your computer, then it’s easy to buy them with a couple of clicks.

Sync in seconds

All your own music files stored on your computer can be synced to your iPod, iPhone or Android device with Spotify.

Just plug your iPod into your computer with a USB cable and you’ll immediately see your iPod icon pop up in Spotify’s Device section. You can sync all your local files, or pick and choose playlists that you want added to your iPod.

How to sync to iPhone and Android

Simply install Spotify Mobile on your iPhone or Android device and sync all your local files for free. You won’t need cables either, as you can sync wirelessly if you're on the same Wi-Fi.

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can also help yourself to our entire catalogue of 13 million tracks and mix them with your own music."

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