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The Game

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Hello there.

I want to play a little game.

To win the game and yet again be free, answer me, these riddles three.

Waking up in the morning at 7 a.m
Youve gotten your cereals, you've gotten your bowl,
You go the place where the busses will stop
You've got there in time, but no time to shop
A car appears, from nothing it seems,
containing your friends, and one empty seat
When all of a sudden the ground starts to shake
You have to decide, which seat can you take?

Spana också in:

Lilla Lady:

skulle helst sparka i det främre sätet tror jag

Du har rätt. Bra jobbat.

Gåta nummer två, också den på ett främmande språk lyder:

At the age of 13, when love was true and bright
Life was pure though insecure, you never lost a fight
Mornings was easy the nights where tough
Was all icecream, needed no starbucks
Seeing empty souls on the playground, though they where amazin
When your heart is breaking up, what do you keep on sayin?
Lilla Lady:

Baby baby baby oooohh

Du har svarat rätt på gåta nummer två.

För att vinna spelat och friheten, svara nu rätt på den tredje och sista gåtan.

At the age of young, closing your eyes
What you see is not darkness nor night
What the vision bears is what future will hold
In the flashback you see yourself, standing on the balcony in summer air
You see the lights, you see the party
You see someone, making his way to the crowd
You say hello, though knowing little of who it is.

För att vinna spelet, svara mig på vem det är du ser i visionen.