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The physics behind [email protected]

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ou: ello
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl?
You: Are you Intelligent?
Stranger: indeed
You: Interesting
Stranger: indeed indeed
You: Then you should know, that neither my age, sex, nor location matters when you chat on the web
You: ?
You: It isn't relevant
You: get over it
Stranger: ok
Stranger: touche
You: Thank you
You: Now, what do you want to discuss?
You: What interests you?
Stranger: the physics of spae travel
Stranger: space*
You: Okay, that is cool
Stranger: i know right!
You: Do you mean the current, or future possibilities?
You: the current is just a matter of matter-repositioning through explosive force
Stranger: exactly
Stranger: see but the trajectory of today's crafts seem all wrong
Stranger: they seem to be on too obtuse of an angle
You: How come?
Stranger: i think if that is shortened out it would be in oribit much longer
You: Hard to do with a non-obtuse angle
You: you know would end up hitting earth itself
You: ah
You: you mean during entrance?
Stranger: i mean during penetration
You: that is correct, though I'm curoius about what this angle is between
Stranger: of the atmosphere of course
You: ah
Stranger: the angle of the craft and the atmosphere
You: yes, I see
You: INteresting
You: but since obtuse angles goes through 90-180 degrees, onw ight think you're actually talking about turning around?
You: Is that the case?
Stranger: no
Stranger: going into the atmosphere
Stranger: the craft and the atmosphere are at a 109-112 degree angle
Stranger: see
You: Ah
Stranger: if we could straighten that out
You: didn't know that
Stranger: to about 94-96 degrees
Stranger: i think it would make a world of a difference
You: But, to straighten it out, we have to build stronger, since the amount of colissions would increase
You: thus higher the friction
You: and require harder shells
Stranger: while that would be true---it would increase the amount of space we could actually travel while in space
Stranger: so it is a reward
You: How come it have that effect, I'm sure you lost me there
You: ^^
You: Discussing such things in a language that isn't your own might prove hard, sometimes
You: Do you mean that it would give us another few turns in orbit?
Stranger: see the thing is that this obtuse angle requires more energy to clear the atmosphere
You: ah!
You: I see
Stranger: if that becomes more acute that energy could be put somewhere else
You: so, instead of waste fuel on entering, you could use it to travel
Stranger: percisely!
You: The asians have come up with another technology, though
You: Not sure If you've read about it
You: They're planning to use some kind of sail-like device to accelerate the craft
You: by catching photons
Stranger: thats bullshit, sorry for the languge
You: oh?
You: How come?
You: there is no friction, mind
Stranger: sails in orbit?
You: nope, you know
You: the sails use photon, and the transferred enegry
Stranger: ah
You: instead of moving air
Stranger: i wasthinkin somethin else
Stranger: it may work

Sen dcade han. Jag hade ju roligt. Några tankar om innehållet?
Stranger: Hi
You: hey
You: ;D
Stranger: Well Hello o.o
Stranger: what's up ith the flirty smiley? xP
Stranger: with*
You: hehe dunno, asl`? ;)
Stranger: Somehow this is making me feel at unease D:
You: It isn't relevant XDD
Stranger: 17 male Denmark
Stranger: done and done
You: i know right!
Stranger: How about you Mr!
You: Are you Intelligent?
Stranger: No, I've got downsyndrome and loves trains
You: Okay, that is cool ;D
You: Now, what do you want to discuss?
Stranger: I like to smash my head into the wall too
You: How come?
Stranger: and then
Stranger: Cook my finger
Stranger: Smells good
You: thats bullshit, sorry for the languge
Stranger: Most of what I've been saying is bullshit
Stranger: : D

Spana också in:

You: Are you intelligent?
Stranger: hey
Stranger: yeah i am
You: how intelligent?
Stranger: i just found out i got a 2120 on my sats
You: and in what way does it show that you are intelligent?
Stranger: its an aptitude test?
Stranger: i also have a 3.99 gpa in the highest level classes my school offers
Stranger: including an A in AP US history
Stranger: and im a national merit scholar
You: :) sound great
Stranger: are you intelligent?
You: depens on in what way you look at intelligent
Stranger: ok?
You: intelligent doesnt have to mean that you have the best score on tests at school
You: I mean
Stranger: true
Stranger: still
Stranger: it is a good measure of intelligence in most cases
You: the test in school?
Stranger: yeah
You: well
You: yeah, if you compare with other on the same thing
You: everyone isnt for school and doing tests
You: some are intelligent at fixing cars instead
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snorvalp :c