Forumet - The Queen Of My Flesh Tortures Me

The Queen Of My Flesh Tortures Me

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how the little piglets would grunt if they knew how the old boar suffered
flesh and blood breakin' down there's no neutral ground, i'll be truthful
i still don't believe, unless you shine your light on me
i just couldn't do it myself, i'm to blind to see

sister, there's too much blood in my alcohol
they say "all is not well"
cause they only imagine darkness
sister let me tell you
i believe i am becoming a god
an emperor ought at least to die
on his feet

believe me when i say
i owe much
i have nothing
the rest i leave to the poor

when you gonna wake up?
i'm a dead beat hero
gone from nothing to zero
old eyes are seduced by the young
when you gonna die?

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