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though times with unbreakable love

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Though times with unbreakable love!
A tear is falling from my eye to our heart.
The strong power split the heart in to two pieces that gives us, what we used to be. One body becomes two.
We were happy, we became sad, but the love was still there. It once captured our hearts and they became one true heart.
The sorrow, the anger comes up on us, it was too much.
I hope you for give me and I forgive you. We should have been there for each other, and helped each other through this tough time.
Now I see that we were perfect, we ARE perfect for each other, we are one heart one soul with two bodies.
I realized, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I captured you and you captured me once again. But now, even stronger than we were before.
This was a test for the love that we shared. And we will always remember and be stronger than ever... I LOVE YOU!

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