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When I was about six years old I was taken to see my very first pride parade in Chicago. At the time I did not know what was meant by lgbt or what effect the parade had on society. Now that I am older I realize the implications of it, and I also recognize the courage that must have been present in the organizing of the event. As this was my first memorable experience which involved the exposure of something that can be seen as going beyond the social norm to a great extent, I believe it was the start of my open minded approach and interest in societal issues. Since then I have begun taking drama classes, joined Amnesty International and helped start a Kenyan project. When I started high school I chose to study the IB diploma program as it exposes me to various cultures and multiple perspectives, both through the education and social interaction with students.

What I find the most exciting in school are my psychology classes where the sociocultural level of analysis especially captures my interest. Learning about social identity, social learning, compliance, obedience, stigmatization etc, has increased my understanding of why individuals behave the way they do and how we can attempt to prevent for an example prejudice. By studying psychology and sociology I hope to learn more about culture's effect on individuals and what we can do to make a positive change in our society.

Furthermore, I was inspired by the social psychologist Alice Eagly to write about gender differences in conformity for my extended essay. I chose the topic because I believe that gender inequality is an issue in many, if not all, cultures today and has a need to be addressed. During my research for the essay I found various results mainly depending on where the research work had been conducted. Yet, a vast majority of the studies did suggest that there are gender differences which is most likely due to the gender roles in society and therefore inequality between the sexes. This is a widespread issue today and can, to exemplify, contribute to mental disorders such as anorexia in women who try to conform to body ideals.

My involvement in the human rights organization Amnesty International opened a door for me to realize that we can make a difference for the world to become a better place. Through my volunteer work I have come in contact with many people who do amazing jobs fighting for human rights and they have inspired me to do the same. Since I was educated last February to become a representative of Amnesty I have felt the importance of the work I do, which is spreading awareness of human right violations. The skills I have obtained from my involvement are primarily communicative as I have learned how to communicate with people on somewhat sensitive topics and spreading awareness.

In October last year four motivated individuals and I decided to start a Kenya Project as we wanted to help schools in the slum outside Nairobi with supply and access to clean water. I was chosen to become the president of the project because of my commitment and engagement within the project. Leading the project has been challenging at times, yet it has mostly been fun and fulfilling, especially when seeing the results of all the work we have done as a group. It has taught me to become more structured and organized in order to take advantage of the full potential our project posses.

In sum, I feel confident with my choice of study and that I can contribute to any university with my determination to be successful.

Helst Glasgow :) Min mamma hjälpte mig med det så är rätt så annorlunda nu men hoppas på de bästa <3 tack!
Då hoppas vi på Glasgow! Vet inget om deras universitet men känner folk som varit där och iaf älskar staden :) Vad snällt! Det är ju bra :) Hur är det mellan er förresten just nu? Tänker på det hon hittade och så... Du behöver inte berätta om du inte vill men lyssnar gärna om du vill :)

Varsågod! :) Spännande grejer faktiskt Mycket glad