Forumet - va fan ska jag göra nu ???

va fan ska jag göra nu ???

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Jag är så uttråkad här i Sverige och letar efter roliga saker att göra i gbg?


Well, Sweden is a boring country:/ Move to another country then if sweden doesn´t fits you

SURE i will leave but for sorry i am stuck here untill the summer comees then i will go and never come back to sweden for more than three days :)

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is not the solution


wait for the bussit's very sexy and brings you good carma




thats one thing i enjoy in sweden :)

Jag är så uttråkad här i Sverige och letar efter roliga saker att göra i gbg?

Oh, that really makes sense.[rolleyes]

Anyway; Gothenburg is a nice city with bad traffic rules. You can go to Liseberg´s Christmas market in December. And if you enjoy science you should go to Universeum. It´s frikkin fantastic.
There is also a nice pasta restaurant somewhere. I don´t remember how to find it but you can ask my cousin if you meet her some day.

Bye, have a nice life

Du vet att.. Ggb är en förkortning för Göteborg? Och Göteborg är en stad i Sverige. Alltså, även om du åker till Göteborg är du fortfarande i Sverige.

lool yeah that mean i am stuck here and yes i understand but i mean in general sweden is boring ... and i want fun thing to do in gbg cause i cant go another city to have fun unless she is a super hot girl there kiddin

Are u kidding or do you come from another country? If this isn´t a joke, which country do you come from?

not gona tell where i came from and its not a jocke i been here for 2 years now and in summer shall go home :P really hope the days will pass faster than this .. now sun sits like 3 30 pm and i get really bored ...

i dont know how u people can live here ur whole life ???

i love sweden summer but not winter