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Vad betyder detta? (engelska)

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Jag fattar inte :(

Tutnese or Double Dutch is a language game primarily used in English, although the rules can be easily modified to apply to almost any language. Tutnese is usually used by children, who use it to converse in (perceived) privacy from adults (or vice versa), or simply for amusement and humor.

In it, vowels are pronounced normally, but each consonant is replaced with a syllable from the following table:

Letter 	Possible syllables 	Letter 	Possible syllables 	Letter 	Possible syllables
B buv K kva S suv
C cash, cava L Lul T Tut
D do M Mum V Vuv
E evagee
F Fuf, Fud N Nun W Wack, Wash
G Gug P Pub, pup X Ex, xux
H Hash, hutch Q Quack, queue Y Yub, yuck
J Jay, jug R Rug, rur Z Zub, zug

Man skulle kunna jämföra det med "rövarspråket".

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