Forumet - Varför tar aldrig tjejer första steget/initiativet!

Varför tar aldrig tjejer första steget/initiativet!

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Seriöst? Ser och hör överallt om tjejer som klagar på sina killar om att de inte hoppar på dem o.s.v. trots att de ger dem "hints" om att de vill!
Varför kan inte tjejer ta eget initiativ och hoppa på kllen istället för att vänta på att han ska göra det?[shake]

Seriöst tjejer, varför?[confused]

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Seriöst tjejer, varför?[confused]

Varför fråga tjejer, dem ger usla svar.

Källa:​How to become a alpha male

Unfortunately, society conditions women to believe, in the logical portion
of their minds, (not the emotional portion) that it's "wrong" to enjoy sex.
Because women tend to be social creatures (more so than men, for
reasons of evolutionary psychology),labels such as “slut” or “whore” have a strong, negative effect on them.

Women like relationships, but that’s not something they need a man for. After all, women have very close relationships with their female friends. I can’t repeat it enough—women want a man who provides them with good sex.

And here’s another biological bummer: women usually assume the
passive role when it comes to sex. So that means that you, the man, need to take responsibility for the sex by pushing the encounter steadily towards the lay.

Don’t make her take the lead. I mean, think about it: she lives in fear of the slut label and you’re expecting her to initiate sex? It’s no wonder so many guys have trouble getting laid. That’s way too much to expect—a woman’s simply not going to go out on a limb that much.