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Vilken inredningsstil är du?

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Hittade ett par roliga inrednindstest^^ Varsågod och testa på, detta blev jag.....

Your style is Folksy Country.

You don’t like things to be too matching. You acquire your furniture and accessories over the course of time. You like pattern and solids and can mix them well. You love flea markets and can find a place for just about anything you find or buy. You like animals and probably have a dog or cat or both. You make people feel at home and relaxed. You have lots of knick-knacks. When you entertain you have many friends and family over -- they feel they can pop over at anytime. Your decorating challenge is to simplify and edit your accessories.,,br7sgnjf,00.html

The Traditionalist

As a traditionalist, you are anything but trendy. To you, good design is not the “right now,” but rather the “what once was.” A lover of 18th- and 19th-century design, you tend toward beautiful, classic rooms that mix antique finds with family heirlooms and high-end reproductions. You add warmth to your space by keeping your color palette rich with classic hues such as hunter green, burgundy and navy blue. Your woods are also rich, with shades of red such as cherry and mahogany. When choosing fabrics and wallpapers -- and you love wallpapers -- you drape the room in layered prints of florals and stripes. You are a collector, always thinking of ways to embellish your home. You embrace this passion and adorn your mantles, bookcases and side tables with obelisks, figurines and picture frames.

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Your style is Classic Traditional.

You like things matching and well placed. You prefer classic colors such as navy, burgundy, forest green, and beige. You buy furniture that stands the test of time. You don’t like trendy fads nor clutter. You keep a clean house. There are only a few knick-knacks but plenty of family photos. Traditions and family are important to you. When you entertain you invite close friends and family. You don’t like new things and are hesitant to try new colors or furniture placements. You grew up in a very traditionally decorated home and that is what you are most comfortable with. Your decorating challenge is for you home to not be too predictable or boring.
Style Quiz
Your style is Modern and Sleek.
You strive for clean lines, smooth surfaces and up-to-date looks. You prefer high contrast such as black and white. You buy quality furniture but slightly out of the ordinary. You read up-to-date fashion magazines. You like to look current but not too trendy. You do not like clutter; everything has a place in your home. You have very few knick-knacks but what you display is fine art and sculptures. You strive to be the best at work and at home. When you entertain you invite a mixture of well-traveled people. You like new things and don’t see the appeal of most antiques. You will try new colors and different furniture placements. You grew up in a home where nothing ever changed so now you seek and strive to not be stuck in an old decade. Your decorating challenge is to add warmth and comfort to your living spaces.