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Vilket år är du född??

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Ja, hundratals trådar av denna sort finnes redan där någonstans, men med tanke på alla nykomlingar sedan UM 6.0 lanserades vill jag ha ny statistik.. 

Senast ändrad 27 Jun 2013, 13:02 av André Vifot Haas

I was born in the worst fucking year possible, 91, damn that's a bad year to be born, we didn't have a luxury having all the fucking high tech stuff they just threw in our face one day. I was still playing with cars and action man damn it! TEC TEC TEC sure, i mean if people though about it they'd realize that technology is moving faster than one person can and that cripples in a way even if it's for a good ideal. Don't get me wrong, technology: GREAT, but today society is fucke'd, mainly because of internet, etc etc. That's what i believe anyways, one can only speculate

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