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Vill du skaffa piercing, kolla här!

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Hey there, i am a British Piercer. I hold a professional diploma and am a qualified member of the BBPA (British Body Piercing Association)

I am a professional and good at what i do, however i do not work from a studio as i am moving about to much and dont have time for that comitment, however i do enjoy my profession and work with people from home in a clean and professional manner.

I live in Luleå with proof of my qualification. If you owuld like to enquire about a piercing either in swedish or english please herp or derp me and we can discuss anything you wish you ask.

My prices are of course lower than any high street price, even though i am using studio equipment such as, one time disposable needles, sterilized clamps and jewellery, specific areas for contaminated rubbish (such as used needles and tissues etc)

Hope you consider coming to get a piercing, you wont be the first happy customer. (:

This is definately the most relaxed and easiest piercing i've had done since moving to Sweden, and i honestly have plenty - David

Shana is the sweetest and for sure the most professional piercer i've met, i definately recomend her - Åsa

Love my new piercing, your the best! - Anne

(genital piercing do not apply)

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