Forumet - vrf har ja så många haterz här???

vrf har ja så många haterz här???

1154 0 46
rubbin' on that Italian leather
them Konvict jeans on
ay yo Weezy you ready

I get it in til the sun rise
doin 90 in a 65
windows rolled down screamin out
ay ay ay I'm so paid
number 1 hustler gettin' money
why you wanna count a nigga money
I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see
I'm so paid


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ney e svensk men maybe gillar lite niggahdönk???? men d spelar ingen roll gillar även cool music som nirvana o kanse guns n roses ???

swenne my ass bitch, you like dat niggadunkdunk u a nigga fo life!
nirvana and guns n tulpans är en täckmantel, don't act white fool, stay true to ur rooots! yeah