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Warhammer chaos story [part 2]

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Warhammer Story

Part 2

Aleister is Eliphas:

Years have past since the day of the raid on Aliesters home. He has now gathered all the items the Khorne told him to. For the moment he is waiting for new orders from his new god, he has been waiting for almost a month and he is getting sick of waiting, he want to move now.

Aleister witch has received the name of Eliphas, from Khorne, is now sitting in his room in the village tavern is starting to wonder for how long he have to be a slave for this “god of blood” witch he now have to obey thanks to his stupidity. He want to be free so that he can start looking for his sister Theresa, if she still is alive after these years. He decided not to thing anymore on that and went to bed, there is no reason to stay up wean there is nothing to be done.

After a few hours he woke up after having another nightmare about that wretched raid. He saw how his father was killed with a axe in his hand defending the body of his wife and Aliesters mother, and then Theresa’s face appears in front oh him, a sad face, and she’s crying out for help, he can se how they are violating her body, taking her innocence. Just thinking about it makes Aleister want to go berserk.

Then Aleister heard a voice in his head, it was Khorne at last.

Khorne: It´s time Eliphas for you to start you journey to the kingdoms of man! There you shall conquer them in my name!

Aleister/Eliphas: And how is I supposed to conquer a kingdom on my own? Im not a god like you! I have my limits!

Khorne: Foolish human, do you really think that I will send you alone for conquest! (he said angrily). I will of course send with you and army of my chosen warriors to be under your command!

Aleister/Eliphas: I have no knowledge about commanding, Khorne.

Khorne: YOU THINK IM A FOUL? (He said weary angrily) I wouldn’t give the command of my Chosen’s to anyone not worthy or without the capability of commanding them! But I know that you are capable to command them, even if you think your not! Foolish human!

Aleister/Eliphas: Then I shall leave the north wastelands and travel to the south kingdoms of man! To conquer them in your name! I will set sail in a few hours.

Then Khorne left his head and everything became quiet and Aleister then now would be known as Eliphase let out a quiet sigh.

A few hours later the sat sail to the south kingdoms, the land there the sun was warm and the winter less cold then in the north, were there is winter the year around. He wondered what kind of warriors that could follow this god Khorne freely would be like, probably completely insane.

And so they were. Wean Eliphase came to land and sat foot on the shore of what today is the coast of the Empire he saw warriors that was over three meters long and there entire body was protected by a huge suits of “Chaos Armour” made by the Chaos Dwarfs in the mines of the dark mountains. No army, no mater how many or how strong they were they would have no chance against an army of these warriors.

One of the soldiers came up to him, a large warrior, larger then the others and looked a lot more like a veteran, and said with a dark voice:

Soldier: The gods told us you would be here this day my Lord Eliphas!

Eliphas: Yes, Khorne told me to come here to lead this army into war.

Soldier: And so you shall my lord!

Eliphas walked up on a hill and looked down on the army that he now had the control over. And it was even bigger then he first had thought. Warriors with armour that in a few days would be tainted red with the blood of Eliphase former kinsmen. The war will soon begin he said silently. And You Shall Lead Us Victory My Lord! The soldier said.

The days went by, marching with these soldiers was easier then Eliphas had first thought, he thought that their huge armour would slow them down, but no, there was no difference, they walk and ran easy as nothing.

For days we marched Eliphas wrote in his notes and we still haven’t seen any sign of the kingdoms army (today’s Empire) and the men are getting bored and frustrated. I don’t now for how long more we can march before someone is going to try something stupid. (two days later he wrote how 56 of his soldiers tried to assassinate him, they wear all later executed for treason)

Days went by and nothing happened after the execution of the traitors, they would soon pass the line to the closest kingdom of man. There the war should start.

It Begins:

Eliphase wrote in his reports: We have set up camp inside of a village close to one of the castles of this kingdom, soon it shall fall my our hands and become our main head quarter. The sorcerers have foreseen the enemies crushing defeat and how the banners of Khorne will hang in the walls and how the enemies bodies will be burned on a huge bonfire. Blood shall flow like the oceans themselves.

So the now dark lord wrote, and his words where true! The next day they begin the attack, no life’s was spared, men, woman and children, they where all killed or given to the gods.

During the battle, Eliphase could no longer control himself. All he could do was to fight, kill and slaughter. Everything he saw was an enemies, and soon there was no one left, no enemies, even his own soldiers was now terrified of him, wean he walk up to one of his officers to ask if there was any more enemy soldiers left, the officer was to afraid to answer, he only stood there in silence. After a short wile Eliphase became tired of waiting for an answer, so he took a grip around the officers throat, lifted him up in the air, hardened his grip until he crushed the officers neck. When the soldiers saw this they backed away as fast as they could, they didn’t wanted to come in his way.

Eliphase asked again: Is there anyone left?

This time he got an answer, one of the soldiers walks up to him, and he says there is no one left within the castle gates.

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Inte så intressant historia heller, inga roliga karaktärer eller spännande handling.

Och tror inte att Khorne skulle välja nån som var så pass osäker, Champions måste göra nåt stordåd för att bli accepterade. Plus att huvudkaraktären blir utsatt för lönnmord, men att wannabe-mördarna blir avrättade? Borde nog snarare vara så att en av Khornes Champions skulle bara ha huggit ner dem när de utmanade honom. Inget tjafs om att lönnmörda.

Det enda du kan göra är att öva mer. Tills du verkligen bemästrar språket, håll dig till svenska.