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"If the game saves are on the same system as your new profile, here's what to do.

Make sure to be logged in with the profile that you want the game saves copied over to. Go to the System blade and then to memory. Hunt down your game saves and when you find them, select them, then select copy. This will copy them over the profile you are currently signed in on."


UPDATE: Angerwound has found a method of transferring your Savegames between profiles, it DOES NOT however work for Achievements and you will need a Memory Unit. Also you will need to delete the profile the save games came from.

-Insert the Memory Unit and go into the Xbox Dashboard

-In The Xbox Dashboard move to the blade furthest to the right

-Select: Memory --> Hard Drive --> Games --> The profile with the game save you want --> The game --> The game save --> COPY

-Repeat the last step for each save game you'd like to copy

-Remove the memory card

-Select: Memory --> Hard Drive --> Gamer Profiles --> The profile(s) the game save(s) came from --> DELETE

-log out of all profiles

-log into the profile you'd like to move the save games to

-insert the Memory Unit back into the console

-Select: Memory --> Memory Unit with the save games --> Select "Unrecognized Profile" --> Select the Game for the save game you want --> Select the Game Save you want --> COPY --> Select the Hard Drive

-Repeat the last step for each save game you'd like to copy

***Again I'd like to point out that the above will only copy game progress (NOT Achievements or anything else), It requires a Memory Unit, and it requires that the profile the Games saves came from is destroyed.

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