Forumet - Zombie


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If you want to survive in this cruel world, you can’t trust anyone it seems. I don’t know if i’m wrong, but i’m not sure i want to find out anymore, i keep trying but i always end up to zero.
I don’t care what they say or think, but sometimes i would really need a friend to trust.
So, i keep killing myself inside, not even trying to stop. No part of me wants to feel better, but there is this small voice trying to tell me that i have a choice, a life.
I won’t listen, i don’t want to listen. Everytime i hear it i get crazy, things get throwed into walls and i scream. I scream of anger and depression.

I’m thinking about suicide everytime i walk through a bridge or see a driving trunk.
I don’t want to talk, i don’t want to do anything reasonable. I scream inside and my soul cry.
I supress everything that happends, i feel like a zombie - dead inside.

The devil at my left shoulder tells me to mess things up and make everyone feel just as bad. But on my right shoulder there’s an sweet little angel-child telling me to slow down, feel better and stop mess things up.
Of course i can’t really choose any of them, both make things happend. I don’t want their help but still they want to ”talk” every single second. All the pages in my book have been the same way to long now, why would the world care about my death when i'm already dead?

So all i have now is two diffrent choices, evil and good.

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