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Sorry im writing in english, I am the boyfriend of a 16 year old girl. Her mother ”Often” hits her, She is way to afraid to contact prof help cause of the change and actions there will be taken. In denmark (im a dane) We have a ”childrens line” a phone line that can be called by young in trouble where they can anonymously ask about all the troubles and learn of the actions it will set in motion if she where to ask the right persons for help to ”save” her. I am really frustrated since i cant really do anything but be a sorce of love and understanding, Pleace help me at least giving her more options



I understand your frustration! It´s a terrible place for her to be in and she needs help getting out of the situation. She is lucky to have you caring for her! Now.. I recommend that you call a place named BRIS on 116 111, there she can get more info on how to deal with this. You can yourself log on to their website: and chat with them or get info direct from the page. If she decides to call them, it wont show up on the phone bill and she can also delete called number on the phone and it wont show up there either. I think it's a good fist step. You can call them, or chat with them to, they are really good and caring organisation.

Wish you guys the best of luck!!



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